Purchasing Field Hockey Stick Tips

Field hockey has actually become a giant sports on the planet. Countless people have make hockey as their pastime. Field hockey is very little different from soccer or football. The huge different is just the sticks. Amongst the leading brand name in field hockey sticks are Grays, TK, Vampire, Gryphon, Voodoo, Mazon, and etc. Nevertheless sticks evaluation is really restricted and frequently hockey player make an incorrect choice. Today I wish to share some pointers that may help hockey player to purchase their stick.

Buying Field Hockey Stick Tips

Different people choose different weight. Get a "feel" for the stick or try the stick initially. From my experience Mazon and Mercian sticks are rather heavy on the head. Typically forwards player chooses lighter stick for an ideal ball dribbling and safeguards constantly use a heavy stick for an effective shot. Approximate weight use by kinds of player. Find more info on https://www.fieldhockeyreview.com/

Defense: 22 to 24 ounces.

Midfielders: 21 ounces.

Forwards: 19 to 20 ounces.

Buying Field Hockey Stick Tips


A Guide To Help You Choose The Best Field Hockey Ball


Each stick likewise has different density. Mazon and Mercian are thick on the head as they are heavy on the head. Grays sticks are rather thin on the other hand TK's are thick.

Buying Field Hockey Stick Tips

Below are the kind of HEAD and their benefits.


Supply an excellent ball control for the player. Player will have the ability to turn the ball quickly you are able dribble quickly. Offense constantly chooses this stick as it essential to them to obtain in the D area.


The most typical stick used and constantly an appropriate option for a newbie. It has a big surface area on the hook for a much better striking.

Very little different from Midi stick. It has big striking surface area. Likewise assists the protector to stop the ball successfully and provide more ball control. Ball stopping would not be an issue on grass field.


Once again it has a bigger striking surface area. The sticks are more thick and it comfy to stop the ball. Protectors are probably to use this stick.

When choosing, what Field Hockey Ball would match your requirement of play, you should a very first aim to understand a little about the kinds of Hockey Ball readily available. The Hockey Balls are produced by several business but some are made by the very same factory but branded in a different way. Businesses are really valuable about their brand name so, do not freely confess to this.

Hockey Balls are available in several colours and 3 different styles. There are likewise various cost points for each ball too. It can be really complicated, at the beginning. So, exactly what is the very best for you? It truly does depend upon exactly what requirement you play and exactly what kind of pitch conditions you have offered on .

I will describe the significant consider Hockey Balls but, eventually you will choose which you choose.

Let’s start with the Brands:

The leading brand names are:







In sport I have preferred makers, that i return to time and again. I use the very same Hockey maker (Kookaburra and Slazenger) year in year out, as they have the tendency to be the simplest to obtain hold of.

Kinds of balls:

Match, Training, Smooth, Dimple, Coloured and Lightweight balls. The one that is most typically used is the Dimple training ball. The Match Dimple ball is clearly used for matches. Numerous players think the Dimpled ball is finest but, the extremely newest skilled recommendations reveals the smooth ball can respond much better on sand based astro pitches. Kookaburra initially created the dimpled ball, for use on water based pitches. Its design was to permit the ball to run smoother on the water based pitches. The dimple design was distinct at the time and a significant selling point. All other producers now have a dimple ball within their varieties.

The primary colours of ball are White, Pink or Orange. I am of the belief that White is still the very best colour to use, as you have the ability to see to ball well, in different light conditions. There are other colours offered but, these are more for leisure use, Mixed swirl colour, shine blue and shine pink. To guarantee you get optimal life from your purchase, you need to clean routinely, in warm soapy water to keep their main colour. The light-weight ball is developed, typically for use with more youthful players. The expense of Hockey Balls differ from ₤ 2.50 approximately ₤ 15 for training balls and ₤ 5 to ₤ 25 for great quality match balls. There are a couple of merchants that now provide bulk costs to assist clubs and schools get a much better offer.